Kueh Bahulu – Kuih Bahulu Recipe(Kuih Bahulu)

Kueh Bahulu is a traditional Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei egg sponge cake. This egg cake is similar to the Madeleine cake despite with round shapes and different ingredients.

Kueh Bahulu

The special thing about this kuih Buloh recipe, it is fluffy on the inside and having a crusty outside surface. You will feel the essence of vanilla and egg fragrance when you will take a bite of this kueh bahulu.

What Is Kuih Bahulu?

Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysian kuih or local sweet egg sponge cake. This sponge cake is quite popular among all ages and many Malaysians favorite sweet. Usually, kuih bahulu isbaked during the festive seasons of Muslim Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

Kueh Bahulu

This kuih bahulu is always a crowd favorite and crowd-pleaser during festival seasons. This Malaysians kueh bahulu sweet go perfect along with a hot cup of coffee.

Prep time Cooking time Total Time
10 – minutes 15 – minutes25  minutes

Ingredients For Making Kueh Bahulu:

  • Baking Soda – 1/4tsp.
  • Sugar – 1 cup.
  • Sifted all-purpose flour- 1 1/4 cups.
  • Large eggs – 3 no’s.
  • Vanilla extract – 1tsp.
  • Melted unsalted butter or cooking oil – 3tbsp.

Directions For Making Kueh Bahulu:

  1. First of all, preheat your oven at 190°C (375°F), after that take kuih bahulu mold and grease them nicely with oil.
  2. After greasing, now preheat these molds in your preheated oven and after that remove them from the oven. Keep in mind that keep mold warm before using.
  3. Now take 3 eggs and beat them nicely with the help of an electric hand mixer until turn fluffy and light. Add sugar into it and again beat continuously until sugar completely dissolved and the mixture turns sticky.
  4. Now add vanilla extract and fold in the all-purpose flour gradually. Now, add butter or cooking oil whatever you prefer.
  5. Now, continuously beat the batter with the help of the hand mixer until well blended.
  6. Now, take your molds and fill them with this sticky batter nicely, and keep in mind to fill the molds around 90% full.
  7. After the filling is completed, just shifted your molds into the oven and baked them for around 15 minutes or until molds turn into golden brown color.
  8. After 15 minutes, remove the cake from the mold and let them cool on a wire rack for some time. You can also dust with powdered sugar if you want, but it is optional. Finally, our delicious kuih bahulu is ready to go. Enjoy ASAP!!.

How Many Calories Per Serving Of Kueh Bahulu?

One serving of kueh bahulu contains only 447 calories. So, if you like low calories sweet dishes, then try this one.

Longer lasting kuih bahulu Trick?

If you want to increase the life of your kuih bahulu, then follow the following instructions. You may know sugar is a natural preservative for food. For the last long process, juts heat sugar at low heat in the pan and when sugar starts to melt, just remove it from the flame and added to the egg batter. Now, this is the main step and this step will increase the life of kuih bahulu.

How long can kuih bahulu be stored?

Now, First of all, let it cool down at room temperature and take an airtight container, keep in mind completely cool down before putting it into an airtight container. Kuich bahulu can be kept unrefrigerated for up to 1 month if you follow the above step carefully.

Tried This Recipe:

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Recipe Source:  Rasa Malaysia

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