Tangerine Jam Recipe – How To Make Tangerine Jam!!

Tangerine Jam is a perfect morning breakfast. You know tangerine is citrus flavor and not too sweet. In this article, you will learn step by step how to make tangerine at home easily.

Tangerine Jam Recipe

When you open the jar, you will just flow with the aroma of tangerine jam. The tangerine we are using in this recipe is high in sugar and I did not make them not too sweet, so I just keep the tangerine and sugar ratio 6:4. If you want to store the jam for a long time, then make sure to keep the tangerine and sugar ratio the same as 1:1.

Tangerine Jam Recipe

Now, this recipe is super simple and super easy to make. You just need only 2 ingredients to make this jam, tangerine, sugar and you can also use lemon(Optional).

Tangerine Jam Recipe

How To Store Jam?

If you want to store jam for a long time. Then freeze it and it will safe for up to 6 months. Refrigerate it for up to 1 month.

Serving Options.

It goes perfect with cheese cream. The combination of jam and cream cheese is just amazing.

Tangerine jam

Ingredients For Making Tangerine Jam:

  • Sugar – 500 Grams.
  • Tangerine flesh – 750 grams.

Directions For Making Tangerine Jam:

  1. First of all, take a pot and fill it with cold water and place the jam glass into it.
  2. Now, place the pot on heat and boil it for around 10 minutes just sterilize the jam glass and after 10 minutes just take it out and dry it properly.
  3. Ok, now put the sugar in the peeled tangerine flesh and mesh it with the help of your hands properly and mix it with sugar, you can use plastic gloves here.
  4. Now, add the mashed tangerine into the pot and boil it on high flame.
  5. When you see tangerine starts to boil, reduce the heat from high to medium-low flame while stirring constantly for around 30 minutes.
  6. When it becomes thick, just turn off the heat and cool it down properly.
  7. Cool the jam properly and put it in a sterilized jam jar.

Tried This Recipe:

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