Kaju katli recipe or you can say Kaju burfi is a very delicious dessert. You can make this Kaju katli recipe at home with an easy and quick method which is the same as you buy from any sweet shop. You can feel the smooth texture of Kaju katli in your mouth when you eat this dessert.

kaju katli recipe

What Is Kaju Katli?

Basically, Kaju katli is the combination of two things one Kaju means cashew, and katli means thin slices. Now, this classic sweet dessert is most in-demand in Pakistani and Indian halwai and sweet shops in any festival event or any special occasion.

Some Important Things About Kaju Katli?

  • The very first thing is that this is super easy and quick to make the recipe.
  • If you are vegetarian then you can y=turn this Kaju katli into vegan Kaju katli by using coconut oil.
  • This recipe’s most interesting thing is that this Kaju katli is gluten-free so don’t worry if you don’t like gluten.
  • These are low-fat Kaju katlis.

kaju katli recipe

I don’t buy sweets from any shop or supermarket because I know very well, these contain a high amount of preservatives which are not good for our health. And that’s why I prefer to make sweets/desserts at home instead of buying from the store.

The most important benefit to make this Kaju katlis at home is that we know very well what we add and what not. And we have always an option to use organic sugar and avoid artificial/flavorful sugar.

Some Tips To Make These Kaju Katli Perfect.

  1. Choosing Cahewnuts – This is very important for any recipe that you choose the right ingredients for your recipe. I recommend that you buy premium quality unsalted cashew nuts. And make sure these cashew nuts are fresh in flavor and taste. Avoid buying stock cashews that smell. You can use split cashews or you may use whole, as you want.
  2. Make sure to use cashew nuts at room temperature – But if you store them in the refrigerator or any airtight jar then before using them, just slightly roast them on low flame for a few minutes like 2-3 minutes. Make sure don’t overcook them.
  3. Grinding Cahewnuts in a small grinding jar – and blend them for short time like 30-35 seconds. If you blend for a long time then cashews powder turns into the oil so avoid grind them for a long time.
  4. Keep the cashew powder texture fine – because this will help to give a smooth texture to Kaju katlis.

kaju katli recipe

For Special Events.

Now, this classic sweet dessert is most in-demand in Pakistani and Indian halwai and sweet shops in any festival event or any special occasion. Now most peoples like to buy this or make at home and gift this very special dessert to their friends and relatives to spread the joy and happiness and just increase the happiness of any event.

kaju katli recipe

Very Easy To Make.

One thing is that this is not a very complex recipe you just need a few ingredients. To make this we need some ingredients and I am sure these ingredients are easily available in any Pakistani and Indian kitchen. You may be noticed that if you buy these kinds of sweets from any sweet shop and when you eat you feel there are lots of preservatives added in this sweet dessert and we do not know the exact amount of sugar.

So, that’s why we know everything about this sweet dessert when we made it at home. And special thing is that this is sugar-free Kaju katli a very little amount of sugar added to this dessert

kaju katli recipe

Prepare time: 15-18 min      Cook: 15-18 min      Ready in 30-35 min  

Ingredients For Kaju Katli Recipe:

  • gud (Jaggery) 125 gm.
  • Cashew nuts (Kaju) 500 gm.
  • Pistachios (pista) (powdered) for garnish.
  • Water 50 ml.

Directions For How To Make Kaju Katli Recip:

  1. First of all grind the cashew in a food processor or a grinder to a fine powder.
  2. Now one thing to remember is that to grind in short intervals on pulse mode because if you grind continuously then cashew nuts release oil so remember that.
  3. You can keep the cashew powder grainy or fine depending on how smooth or grainy Kaju katli you want.
  4. Now take a non-stick wok and set wok on medium heat.
  5. Then add jaggery and water, mix and melt the jaggery in a wok.
  6. Make sure mix and melt the jaggery and cook until the jaggery comes to one string consistency.
  7. Now to make sure the jaggery mixture is consistent, you just take a drop and try to stick between your thumb and index finger, Now if a single thread formed your good to go.
  8. After the consistency test passes now add the powdered cashew nuts to the wok mix properly and combine well and cook for 1-2 minutes keeping the flame on medium-low heat.
  9. Now take a butter paper and transfer the mixture to a butter paper and place another butter paper over it.
  10. After that use a rolling pin and flatten the mixture as thin or thick as you want your Kaju katli to be.
  11. Now the next step is that remove the top butter paper and garnish it with the powdered pistachios.
  12. Then press the pistachios lightly with a clean spatula and allow it to rest for half an hour to set.
  13. Now after half an hour’s rest you are ready to cut your Kaju katli in a diamond shape with a sharp and clean knife or you can cut in any shape that you like.
  14. You can also apply for silverwork over the katlis as you get in the sweet shop to give Kaju katlis a beautiful look.
  15. Finally, your katlis is ready, and serve it to your guests, family, and friends.

kaju katli recipe

Closing Notes:

if you try this recipe then don’t forget to rate this recipe and also give your reaction in the comment below, because I love hearing from you. Thanks,

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