Classic milk barfi recipe is a very sweet dessert made with a combination of evaporated milk and milk powder. If you never try barfi in your life, the dude what are you for. Just make this amazing dessert in your kitchen and enjoy your day with this milk barfi.

classic milk barfi recipe

What Is Meant By Word Barfi?

Basically, the word barfi or burfi is a Hindi word. This barfi word actually stems from Persian barfi, and it means snowy or icy. By the way, barf is also a Hindi word which we use for ice basically.

Barfi is a milk-based sweet/dessert recipe that is quite popular in India and in Pakistan. There is son many different kinds of barflies available on the market and you can also find recipes on the internet. But I like to eat, Kaju Barfi, besan(gram flour) barfi, Pista barfi, chocolate barfi, or almond/badam barfi.

classic milk barfi

This is actually a traditional sweet/dessert. This milk barfi is also very popular in Pakistan. And this barfi made on special occasions.

This traditional barfi gives you a very smooth texture when you eat this. I mean this barfi is just started melting in your mouth when you take its first bite.

Now, if you ever tried in your life western retro sweet, coconut ice, then you will be familiar with this barfi concept.

Can We Freeze Barfi?

Yes, why not. You can freeze barfi. But before the freeze, take an airtight container and place your barfi into this container. And you can freeze your barfi for up to 3 months.

If you want to use reuse your barfi, just take it out from your fridge and defrost it at room temperature and enjoy.

Is Barfi Is Vegan?

The answer is no because we use ingredients like butter(ghee), milk, and sugar to make barfi. But some are the best recipe creators make vegan-based barfi also.

milk barfi recipe

What Can We Use In Place Of Milk Powder?

For some reason, maybe milk powder not available in your kitchen. But don’t worry if milk powder is unavailable then you can use full-fat whole milk in place of milk powder.

What Can I do, If My Barfi Is Chewy?

Maybe your barfi turns into chewy form. But don’t worry I have a solid solution for you.

But, remember always avoid a chewy barfi. Because this is not good. If you cook your barfi mixture for a longer time, then this happened. So, remove the mixture at the very right time, and avoid overcooking your mixture.

Because time is the key to your perfect barfi. Now, the best way to improve your skill, try to make any other Indian sweet dessert in a small batch at first and when you master it, then try to make this barfi.

Believe me, you can make very perfect milk barfi after practicing.

classic milk barfi recipe

This classic milk barfi recipe is the perfect dessert for festivals like eid, Diwali, rakhi, holi, or any occasion. Even you can serve this dessert in some special events like mehndi, marriage, or nikkah ceremony. You can also share this sweet milky dessert with your friends. classic milk barfi recipeFirst of all, we need a milk barfi base to make this classic milk barfi recipe. so, first of all, we make a milk barfi base to make this. and this recipe just ready in 1 hr 15 min

Here is the list of ingredients below that are we use to make a milk barfi base.

  • 400 gm Condensed milk.
  • 200 gm Milk powder.
  • 140 gm Curd.
  • 1 tbsp Ghee.


  1. First of all to make the base for milk barfi take a micro safe bowl, add condensed milk, milk powder, and curd.
  2. After mixing everything now whisks well to make a lump-free mixture, in the first step.
  3. For preparing milk base you need an oven and set the set power level to 100, for 3 minutes.
  4. alternatively, in some ovens power option may not be available if you don’t have the option of selecting power levels, you can do it at high power in your microwave.
  5. Now after time completely now remove it from the microwave and again whisk properly.
  6. Then put it back in the microwave for another 2 minutes keeping the power at 100.
  7. Remove it from microwave and again whisk well, further add ghee and mix well, now lower the power at 50 of the microwave & put it back for the last 2 minutes.
  8. Now the base of the milk barfi is ready, now we can add different flavors as per our preference.
  9. Lastly make sure the milk barfi base is hot when you add flavors to it, to mix and set the mixture properly.

 Classic Milk Barfi Recipe Ingredients:

  • Milk barfi base that we prepared in the above step.
  • Cardamom powder ½ tsp.
  • Slivered nuts (almond and pistachios) as required.


  1. First of all to make classic milk barfi add cardamom powder to the hot milk barfi base and mix properly.
  2. Then transfer it to a butter paper-lined tray.
  3. Now top it with some slivered almonds and slivered pistachios.
  4. Then set & rest the milk barfi for 2 hours in the kitchen at room temperature, do not refrigerate to enjoy the creamy milky texture.
  5. Now finally cut into squares, rectangles, or any shape of your choice, and serve to your family and friends.

classic milk barfi recipe mixture mixture in oven barfi mixture classic milk barfi recipe classic milk barfi recipe classic milk barfi recipe

Closing Notes:

Finally, our sweet, creamy milk barfi is ready to serve. Just enjoy this barfi with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

if you try this recipe then don’t forget to rate this recipe and also give your reaction in the comment below, because I love hearing from you. And this will really motivate me to bring some more amazing recipes for you. Thanks

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