Blueberry milk barfi is a very favorite and yummy recipe that is trending on the earth while now. this is very simple also very tasty and yummy in taste. this is very fine and also very wonderful in its unique look.

blueberry milk barfi recipe

Special Dessert For Special Events:

Basically, these kinds of barflies are made on some special events or special occasions. So, this blueberry milk barfi recipe is a special dessert for festivals like eid, holi, Diwali, or any special occasion.

blueberry milk barfi

Even you can serve this dessert at some special events like mehndi, marriage, or nikkah ceremony. You can also share this sweet milky dessert with your friends.

Why This Is So Delicious?

Honestly, I don’t care about calories and sugar. That’s why I always try to eat something new. Because try something new is very surprising, sounds good.

My mom always saying me, don’t eat too much sugar but I don’t care. So, in the barfi category, I like every kind of barfi. But, milk, chocolate, and this blueberry are some of my favorites barflies out there.

Believe me, when you make this blueberry milk barfi first time and take the very first bite of this blueberry milk barfi. This will start melting in your mouth and you feel a smooth texture in your mouth. Lol.

blueberry barfi

Surprising For Guests:

Believe me, if you make this blueberry milk barfi and guests arrived in your home. Just served this blueberry milk barfi along with a hot cup of strong tea.

They just got surprised and amazed with the taste of this dessert. Whenever guests arrive at my home. First of all, I will serve any kind of dessert along with tea. And most of the time I will serve any kind of barfi along with tea.

Because the combination of strong tea and this amazing dessert is just outstanding.

blueberry barfi recipe

First of all, we need a milk barfi base to make this Blueberry milk barfi recipe. so, first of all, we make a milk barfi base to make this.

Here is the list of ingredients below that are we use to make a milk barfi base.

  • Condensed milk 400 gm.
  • Milk powder 200 gm.
  • Curd 140 gm.
  • Ghee 1 tbsp.


  1. First of all to make the base for milk barfi take a micro safe bowl, add condensed milk, milk powder, and curd, whisk well to make a lump-free mixture, in the first step.
  2. For preparing milk base you need an oven and set the set power level to 100, for 3 minutes.
  3. alternatively, in some ovens power option may not be available if you don’t have the option of selecting power levels, you can do it at high power in your microwave.
  4. Now after time completely now remove it from the microwave and again whisk properly, put it back in the microwave for another 2 minutes keeping the power at 100.
  5. Remove it from microwave and again whisk well, further add ghee and mix well, now lower the power at 50 of the microwave & put it back for the last 2 minutes.
  6. Now the base of the milk barfi is ready, now we can add different flavors as per our preference.
  7. Lastly make sure the milk barfi base is hot when you add flavors to it, to mix and set the mixture properly

Ingredients For Blueberry Milk Barfi Recipe:

  • Blueberry preserves 2 tbsp.
  • Dried berries (cranberry & blueberry) as required.
  • Milk barfi base.


  1. First of all to make blueberry milk barfi add the blueberry preserve & some dried blueberries to the hot milk barfi base.
  2. Now mix properly and transfer it to a butter paper-lined tray.
  3. After mixing properly now top it with some dried cranberries and blueberries.
  4. Then set & rest the milk barfi for 2 hours in the kitchen at room temperature, do not refrigerate to enjoy the creamy milky texture.
  5. Finally cut into squares, rectangles, or any shape of your choice, and serve to your family and friends.

bowl bowl mixture in oven barfi mixture

blueberries in bowl blueberry milk barfi blueberry milk barfi blueberry milk barfi recipe blueberry milk barfi recipe blueberry milk barfi recipe blueberry milk barfi recipe

Closing Notes:

Our delicious, sweet blueberry flavored blueberry milk barfi is ready to serve. Just enjoy this amazing blueberry barfi with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Now, if you also like to eat desserts like me. And also you can make this recipe in your kitchen.

Then don’t forget to rate this recipe and also give your reaction in the comment below, because I love hearing from you, and believe me your comments motivate me to bring some amazing stuff for you. Thanks,

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