Chocolate almond milk barfi recipe is a sweet dessert, I mean this is not too healthy or simply healthy because this is loaded with sugar and this is just for special occasions like eid, Diwali, nikkah, marriage ceremony or whenever you want.

chocolate barfi

My Childhood Memories With Chocolate Milk Barfi.

I remember, when I was a little child and when any special event comes, Then our sweet neighbors share this sweet chocolate barfi with us. And the interesting thing is that I eat all the dessert without giving a bite of this barfi to my family members.

Why I Am Huge Fan Of This Choco Fudge Recipe?

I loved to eat this kind of dessert that is just amazing. I have a love relationship with these barfi recipes. Whenever any special event comes I never forget to make this recipe any event, because in Asia, especially in Pakistan and India, we have many special events that come month after month. So, that’s why I made this on every special event.

Storing And Serving Options For Chocolate Almond/Badam Barfi Recipe.

If you have extra barfi and you don’t want to eat right now, Ok. You will store this extra barfi in an airtight jar/container in a cool place. It stays safe for one day in the kitchen, but i recommend place this barfi in the fridge the next day. And eat all this barfi at room temperature whenever you take it out from the fridge.

This Is a Quick And Easy Recipe For Special Event.

If you are in hurry and looking for some quick and easy dessert recipe for Diwali, or any special event. Then try out this milk badam barfi, Because in this recipe we need only a few ingredients, there is no heavy/complex preparation for this recipe. Just need a handful of almonds, milk, choco chips, and choco powder. And your almond barfi is ready.

chocolate milk barfi recipe

Now the barfi has white or light white I mean off-white color but in this recipe, we will add cocoa powder and choco chips to make this barfi brown color. Now, this is easy to make sweet dessert and this just warms up any kind of special event.

Low Amount Of Sugar Dessert.

One more thing this is not too much-loaded sugar almond barfi because this is homemade and all other kinds of barfis that you bought from your local shop or any bakery are loaded with too much sugar which is not very healthy for us.

This Recipe Is For Special Events.

Now, whenever a special event comes then we all have very short time and we are in seek of easy recipes but don’t worry this is one of the easiest recipes that you can make in a short time to lighten up your special event.

chocolate barfi recipe

First of all, we need a milk barfi base to make this classic milk barfi recipe. so, first of all, we make a milk barfi base to make this. and this recipe just ready in 1hr 15 min

Here is the list of ingredients below that are we use to make a milk barfi base.

  • 40 gm Condensed milk.
  • 200 gm Milk powder.
  • 140 gm Curd.
  • 1 tbsp Ghee.


  1. First of all to make the base for milk barfi take a micro-safe bowl, add condensed milk, milk powder, and curd.
  2. After mixing everything now whisks well to make a lump-free mixture, in the first step.
  3. For preparing milk base you need an oven and set the set power level to 100, for 3 minutes.
  4. alternatively, in some ovens power option may not be available if you don’t have the option of selecting power levels, you can do it at high power in your microwave.
  5. Now after time completely now remove it from the microwave and again whisk properly.
  6. Then put it back in the microwave for another 2 minutes keeping the power at 100.
  7. Remove it from microwave and again whisk well, further add ghee and mix well, now lower the power at 50 of the microwave & put it back for the last 2 minutes.
  8. Now the base of the milk barfi is ready, now we can add different flavors as per our preference.
  9. Lastly make sure the milk barfi base is hot when you add flavors to it, to mix and set the mixture properly.

Chocolate Almond Milk Barfi Recipe Ingredients:

  • Milk barfi base that we prepared in the above step.
  • Cocoa powder 2 tbsp.
  • Choco chip as required.
  • Roasted almond (slivered) 1/4th cup.

Directions For Chocolate Almond Milk Barfi Recipe:

  1. First of all to make chocolate almond milk barfi we add cocoa powder and slivered roasted almonds to the hot milk barfi base.
  2. Now mix well and transfer it to a butter paper lined tray this is the second step.
  3. Then in step three top it with some slivered roasted almonds and some choco chips.
  4. Now set and rest the milk barfi for 2 hours in the kitchen at room temperature and make sure do not refrigerate to enjoy the creamy and milky texture because if you refrigerate this then you can not enjoy this creamy texture of barfi.
  5. Then we add choco chips when the barfi mixture has cooled down a bit.
  6. Finally, cut into squares, rectangles, or even in a heart shape or the shape, you prefer totally up to you.
  7. Serve to your family and friends to enjoy chocolate almond milk barfi.

chocolate barfi recipe

chocolate barfi recipe

chocolate barfi recipe

chocolate barfi recipe

chocolate milk barfi recipe

Closing Notes:

Chocolate almond barfi stays in good condition for a week to 10 days in a refrigerator. If you try this recipe then don’t forget to share your experience and rate this recipe and also give your reaction in the comment below, because I love hearing from you. Thanks,

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